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Small Pressure cookerSmall is useful in pressure cooker

Have you ever thought the use of small pressure cooker. Given that price difference between small pressure cooker and their bigger counterpart is narrow, we end up buying a bigger one. But small pressure cooker (with size less than or equal to 3 litres) has immense use in cooking. My family is joint family with 6 of us. I use one 3 Lts and another 2 Lts pressure cooker every morning for cooking. My cooking for 6 of us gets done in less than one hour. Thanks for the pressure cooker.

In this post, I elaborate on various ways in which I use these pressure cooker also discuss the pros and cons of small pressure cooker. Note all experiences are for a family of 6. Most of you who have nuclear family of fewer members, adjust the experience. I cook rice in electric rice cooker or steam cooker. Will talk about steam cooker a bit later.

Small Pressure cooker and its use:

Just add the cut vegetables with few spoons of water as necessary. In one or two whistle veggies are cooked.

Instance Use
Want to cook soft  vegetable like carrots, gourds or cabbage Just add the diced/cut vegetables directly into the pressure cooker. Add few spoons of just enough water. Give it one whistle. It takes about 5 minutes for the veggies to cook finely.
Want to cook hard vegetables beets and potatoes Just add the diced/cut vegetables directly into the pressure cooker. Add few spoons of just enough water. Give it three whistle. It takes about 10 minutes time.
Cooking Greens or Keerai Add the cooked keerai with a few spoons of water and give it one whistle. In 5 minutes time, greens are cooked.
Want to cook dal Wash dal and add it directly in the pressure cooker with enough water and turmeric powder (if need be). Give it 3 whistles. In 10 minutes dal is cooked.
Need to cook rice for small quantity Soak rice in a vessel and bring water to boil in the pressure cooker directly. When water is bubbling, add washed rice and simmer without putting the lid. Wait for the rice to cook in open. Normally for 100 grams of rice gets done in 10 minutes. When water nearly evaporates, put the lid with the whistle. Wait for one whistle and switch off. When steam releases, fluffy rice is ready.

Note: Do not put the lid with water. There is high possibility of water spill and it would weaken the gasket.

To cook tiffin sambar/Dal fry Add oil to the cooker directly, temper and saute small onions in low flame. Add the spices to oil and finally add the veggies and dal. Cook for 2 whistles. Sambar is nearly ready.
To prepare soup Soup of carrots, pumpkin, Chayote, tomato, palak are prepared in the same way.

I had given the above only based on my experience. But to me, small pressure cooker is my lifeline. It saves huge time in busy morning hours. Since cooking is done directly, and steam is contained in a smaller area, time required for cooking is reduced significantly. Pressure of small pressure cooker also releases faster. I use both my pressure cooker at least 2 times in the morning hours itself. To make the best use, just add only the required quantity of water. Adding more water increases time and might also cause spillage (and extra effort to clean the kitchen countertop).

Small pressure cooker is a huge time saver, but nothing comes without problems right. Here are the Pros and Cons of small pressure cooker.


  • As described sufficiently above, it is very handy and a huge time saver.
  • Very handy and small to handle and very less weight. Given that I use it multiple times in a day, this is important.


  • Once it is put on flame, you should not leave kitchen. Since most items of cooked directly with very less water, be mindful of time and whistle. It is easy to burn food and it happens to me often.
  • Life of small pressure cooker is relatively less (and so is price). Typically I change my small cooker every 3 years. But cooker repays itself by reduced gas usage.
  • Since cooking is done directly, gasket life is also less. Gasket lasts for only 6 months. I always keep spare at home.


Based on my personal experience, I recommend you to buy at least one small pressure cooker and put it to use. One of my aunt (chitti) has even a 1 Ltr model which looks like a big sized toy of her granddaughter (Like a Choppu). I used to prefer only aluminium cooker but after reading leech issues, I stick to stainless steel model as per advice of my chitti.

Amazon gives you the pressure cooker at discounted prices. Do buy one and I am sure you would find the buy more worth. Please note that it is not a promoted post and I do not recommend any brand. However some of the links above are affiliate links who pay me a small referral fee at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting Rasakitchen.

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