Tirattipal-Sweet Khoya-Traditional South Indian Sweet

TirattipalTirattipal is a mandatory sweet in many of Tamil Brahmin customs. Be it upanayanam (Sacred thread ceremony), Engagement or marriage, it is a mandatory sweet. It is known for its texture, consistency and sweetness.

It is one of the simplest yet time consuming process to make traditional Tirattipal. Nowadays people use many shortcuts like using condensed milk, evaporating milk quickly by curdling, using milk powder etc. But there is a definitive difference in taste and texture of authentic dish and the shortcut varieties.

My mother used to make it often. Back then, we had cows at our backyard. Whenever there is surplus milk, my mother makes Tirattipal. Here is an authentic version of Tirattipal. Picture does not do justification to the taste. Do make it for this Diwali and let me know your feedback.

Tirratipal – Sweetened Khoya

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   | Recipe Category: Sweets

Prep time:  5 mins |Cook time:  40 min  | Standing time:  10 min | Makes: 300 grams



Full crème milk – 1 Litre

Sugar – 5 Tablespoon


  1. To reduce cooking time, pour the milk in electric rice cooker and let the milk boil and reduce on its own for about 30 minutes. You can add the milk to a wide mouthed kadai also, but you need to stir continuously.Tirattipal
  2. Place a kadai in low flame and add the reduced mixture stirring continuously for another 10 min. Add sugar to the mixture. Mixture will loosen due to added sugar. Stir till the mass leaves edges. Tirattipal
  3. Give a standing time of 10 min. Mixture will thicken when it cools down. Store in an airtight container. Will keep good for 2 weeks when refrigerated.


a. You can make this recipe from store bought Khoya. To do that, skip step 1. Instead grate Khoya in a grater and add to the kadai. Continue from Step 2 onwards.

b. Correct consistency is that you should be able to make it into a ball.

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