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Masala Chai-Masala Tea-Spiced Tea

Masala tea

Masala Chai is my newest invention. As a Tambram I am a real coffee person fond of filter coffee. Even though, milk is part of 5 whites to reduce, I am not able to reduce my coffee intake. When I told this to my doctor, he asked me to try changing atleast one coffee to …

Khoya or Mawa – Basic Indian Recipe

Khoya Mawa

Khoya is the base for most Indian milk sweets. It is used in certain Kashmiri gravies also. Khoya is unsweetened version of Tirratupal made in South India. Srivilliputtur in Tamilnadu is famous for its milk halwa, Tirattupal and Khoya. All of these are solidified milk in different consistencies. My association with Khoya came many years …