Raw banana podi-Vazhaikkai podi-Authentic Tanjore recipe

Raw banana podi Vazhaikkai podiRaw banana podi is an authentic side dish which can be converted to delicious lunch box recipe. Raw banana (Vazhaikkai) and Brinjal (Katharikkai) are the most revered vegetables in Tanjore Cuisine. There are at least 10 different ways of preparing both raw banana and Brinjal. Their populaity is probably due to its abundant availability in the region.

Unfortunately whatever is revered and available is the least respected. So is it in our family. I like Raw banana very much but entire family does not like it. But believe me, for ages I am preparing the dish below and none except my mother-in-law know that it is made from raw banana.

Raw banana is as versatile as potato. It absorbs the flavors quickly and lends itself to cooking style. In our native place, every backyard has banana plant and we eat our food only in banana leaf.  Hot piping rice in green banana leaf, absorbs the flavor and nutrients in rice and makes the whole meal delicious. Banana leaf is use and throw and composts fast.

Leaving the story apart, back to the recipe. This is an authentic, flavorful, spicy yet quick recipe.

Raw banana podi/Vazhaikkai podi

Recipe Cuisine: Indian |Recipe Category:  Lunch

Prep time: 5 min | Cook time: 20 min | Standing time: 5 min | Serves: 4



Raw banana/Vazhaikkai – 2 Nos

Curry powder – 1 and ½ tablespoon

Salt – As required

Asefoetida (powder) – ¼ tsp

Sesame oil – 1 tablespoon



  1. Cut the banana into halves and steam them with skin in the pressure cooker for about 10 min.Raw banana podi Vazhaikkai podi
  2. Then remove the skin and allow the banana to cool down.
  3. Slowly break the banana with hand/spatula, without turning it mushy.Raw banana podi Vazhaikkai podi
  4. Finally mix the salt, curry powder, Asefoetida and sesame oil and blend uniformly to ensure that banana pieces are well coated. No need to cook further.

It would turn into dry subzi and this subzi has longer shelf life. Typically in our village, this dish is prepared as a picnic dish or train food. This would be very flavourful and tasty.  It is a nice sidedish for sambar, rasam and  curd rice.

Recently in the Samayal Samyal show with Venkatesh Butt, demonstrated one pot meal with the above. The recipe is as below.

Take hot cooked rice and add them on top on this podi (this should also be warm). Add generous sesame oil or ghee of 1 tablespoon more. Finally temper it with split urad dal or channa dal and mix well. You can pack this as a lunch box recipe too. You can serve it with any raita or pappad.

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