Plantain Pith Juice -Vazhai thandu Juice

Plantain Pith Juice Vazhaithadu JuicePlantain pith or Vazhai Thandu is one of the unique ingredient used in South Indian cuisine. I had not observed this being used in any other cuisine. Do enlighten me, in case I am wrong.

My mother used to make curry out of Pith and I used to run a mile on seeing that. Even today I am not very fond of Vazhai thandu as a curry. But in the juice form, excessive fiber is strained making it palatable. As a juice, it does not have any taste on its own. Juice would be more like water but renders itself to any type of additive.

Plaintain pith turns brown very fast and hence it need to be put in water containing a bit of buttermilk to prevent it from getting browned.

Plantain pith is full of soluble fiber and commonly suggested remedy for kidney stone. It is proven that plantain pith dissolves certain type of stones. At our house as part of our daily soup routine, we take this cold soup /juice. It is coolant in nature and makes it a versatile drink for summers.

Here is a 10 minutes juice recipe for the juice. Do try and let me know the feedback.


Plantain Pith/Vazhai thandu Juice

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Starter

Prep time: 10 Mins | Cooking time: 10 Mins | Serves: 4




Plantain Pith – 1 stem portion (1 foot long)

Curd – ¼ cup

Salt – to taste

Water – 3 cups

Seasoning – as per choice


  1. Remove the outer layers of the plantain pith by peeling it with knife. Take out the central stem separately.Plantain Pith Vazhaithadu Juice
  2. Roughly chop the stem in circles.
  3. Add the curd and stem in a mixer and grind.
  4. Seive the ground mixture. Put the residue back, add water and grind again for the second time.
  5. Seive and collect the water alone.
  6. Dilute to your taste by adding water.
  7. Add salt and seasoning of your choice. Jeera powder, pepper, Asefoetida, crushed curry leaves, chopped coriander leaves are normally used seasonings. You can use Jaljeera powder, chat masala, black salt, Dry mango powder also. The juice is bland and can render itself to any type of seasoning.

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