Mysore Pak-A traditional Indian sweet

Mysore PakMysore Pak is a universal favorite sweet from South Indian Cuisine. There are sweet shops like Sri Krishna Sweets whose primary identity is Mysore Pak.

Mysore pak was first prepared in the kitchens of the Mysore Palace during the regime of Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV, by a palace cook named Kakasura Madappa. Madappa made a concoction of gram flour, ghee and sugar. When asked its name, Madappa having had nothing in mind, simply called it the ‘Mysore pak’. (Source: Wiki)

Mysore pak again has minor variation. Shops like Sri Krishna sweets prepare Mysore Pak as a very soft, melt in mouth consistency with dominating Ghee. However I like the version which has double shade with holes in between. Basic preparation for both variety of Mysore pak is the same but finer difference is cooking brings in different flavor and texture.

My mother is an expert cook and she makes this sweet often for our family functions. In the younger age, my mother used to make it for every Diwali to distribute to my Attai’s, who also lived in Chennai. Also whenever there is any religious functions at my aunt’s house, to stuff in paruppu thengai, she makes Mysore pak.

Mysore pak is a minimalist sweet made only with gram flour, sugar and Ghee. Normally sweets are cooked quickly but require lot of skill. The problem with sweets is that once you miss a particular step, it is not possible to correct. I would try to explain in enough details with pictures so that you can try it. Not just sweets, mastering any thing comes only with practice and reflections on the steps we followed.

Here is the authentic way of making Mysore pak. Please try and let me know your comments

Mysore pak

Recipe Cuisine: Indian   | Recipe Category: Sweets

Prep time: 15 mins |Cook time:  20 min | Makes: 30 pieces



Gram flour / Kadalai Mavu – ½ Cup

Ghee – 1 and ½ cup

Sugar – 1 and ½ cup

Water – ¼ cup


  1. Grease a tray with ghee on all sides (including edges) and keep ready.
  2. In a kadai, melt ghee in low flame. Place a ladle in the ghee for later use.Mysore Pak
  3. In another thick bottomed kadai, add water and sugar and cook till sugar forms a length string.
    • Sugar consistency can be verified by placing the sugar syrup in between fingers. It should form a thread without breaking
    • You can also check the consistency by dropping the sugar syrup in a cup of water. For Mysore pak, Syrup should not dissolve and should form settle in the bottom. You should be able to bring the syrup to a small roll.
  4. Once sugar syrup consistency is used, in low flame gently sprinkle the gram flour without forming lump. I use sieve to sprinkle gram flour uniformly. Keep stirring continuously while you are adding gram flour. Add the gram flour completely into the sugar syrup.Mysore Pak
  5. Ghee would have melted completely now and add the hot ghee slowly a ladle at a time stirring the mixture continually. Once you add hot ghee, forth would be formed and when forth settles down add another ladle of ghee. Do this repeatedly.Mysore Pak
  6. At one stage, you can see that mysore pak changes color to pale and mixture would start leaving ghee. Be alert at this stage. Quickly pour the remaining hot ghee to the mixture and pour the mixture to the greased tray quickly and level.Mysore Pak
  7. Once it cools down, cut into desired shape. Once completely cooled, invert the tray and you can take out the pieces.Mysore Pak


  1. Sugar syrup consistency is a very important step. If the ball rolled becomes hard, then add few spoon of water to bring the consistency back. Once you add gram flour, it cannot be corrected.
  2. Adding hot ghee helps mixture to cook quickly and also gives the hollow texture.
  3. If you want soft mysore pak, simply add ghee at room temperature.
  4. After you had poured the mixture in the greased tray, the residue in the kadai should be checked. If the mixture solidifies, it means your consistency is correct. If it is gooey, then it means mysore pak should be cooked further. Add the mixture back to the kadai and stir again.
  5. If you are adding lesser sugar than the one mentioned above, sprinkle few spoon of sugar on mysore pak, after levelling it.
  6. From the step of adding gram flour till you pour mixture in greased tray, stirring has to be continuous. Otherwise you will burn the mixture. Cook in low to medium flame throughout.

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