Jangri – Indian Diwali Sweet recipe

Jangri Indian Diwali Sweet receipeJangri is my son’s all time favorite sweet. Whether it is a small ring like mini Jangri or the big one with fine swirls, he loves it a lot. Who does not love Jangri.

My mother is an expert in making Jangri. She has perfect cloth (called rattai), sticks to move/remove Jangri, and a flat bottom shallow tawa for making Jangri. I had assisted her several time, but never made attempt on my own.

My mother suggested that I should try making a few pieces, every time I grind Urad dal for Idly. In Tamilian familes, every week the batter is ground for sure. I tried it 4 times and perfected the art of making Jangri. I am still not getting the perfect shape and swirls, but the taste and consistency is perfect.

Some people add additives like rice flour, arrowroot flour to make Jangri’s soft and crispy. But I use double fry method.

Here is the recipe for the same. If you are a first timer, try like how I had done.


Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Lunch

Prep time: 2 hours (Soaking time) | Cooking time: 45 Mins | Gives : 20 pieces


Whole Urad dal  – ½ cup

Oil – 200 grams

To make sugar syrup

Sugar – ¾ cup

Water – 4 tablespoon

Orange food color – A pinch



  1. Soak urad dal for 2 hours. Grind it in wet grinder by sprinking water. Water added should not be more than few spoons. Batter should be fluffy and smooth. I let my grinder to grind till I finish all Jangris. In case you want to wind up with batter preparation before making Jangri, you must keep the batter in fridge. Batter will ooze quickly and would become like vada batter.
  2. While you are grinding, prepare the sugar syrup.
  3. In a kadai, add sugar and add just enough water to immerse sugar.
  4. Add food color also and cook till 1 string consistency.
  5. Consistency can be checked in 2 ways
    • Drop a little of the syrup in a bowl of water. The syrup should form a thin thread and should not dissolve
    • Place the sugar syrup in between your fingers and check if you are getting a thread.Jangri Indian Diwali sweet
  6. As I do not have proper cloth (rattai), I made a small hole in a polythene paper to make the shape. You can try making the pattern in a plate before trying it on oil. Perfect pattern is to draw 2 lines straight in clock wise direction and the small swirl like ones in anti-clockwise direction. You can simply draw two round pattern like how it is done in mini-Jangri.
  7. Take broad flat bottomed pan and pour oil. Heat oil in low to medium flame. I kept my base on large burner in low flame. When oil is little hot, make the swirls in the oil directly. If oil is hot, you will not be able to do it directly on oil. Take care.
  8. Gently move the patterns made and make the next one, till you had filled the pan adequately. I make about 5 medium sized one in a pan.Jangri Indian Diwali sweet
  9. Once one side is slightly cooked, gently them to other side.
  10. When Jangri’s are just cooked, take them from oil and put the next batch.Jangri Indian Diwali sweet
  11. When the entire batter is done, fry the Jangri’s second time in oil and immerse them in sugar syrup one by one.
  12. After the first batch of immersing, you would see sugar syrup crystalizing. Switch on burner for sugar syrup, add one tablespoon water and dilute. Ensure syrup consistency.
  13. Complete immersing of all Jangri’s and layer them.
  14. Give a standing time of 20 minutes before consuming

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