Homemade Tutti Frutti with natural colors

Tutti FruttiHere is a new post to make homemade Tutti Frutti, that too with no artificial colors. The inspiration for this post is an interesting story.

Hope you read my post on Almond Banana Smoothie. I generally keep some unsalted pista in the fridge for contrast garnish. When I searched for the pista to garnish the smoothie, I found that hubby dear finished the unsalted one.  My friend asked me the reason for leaving the dish without adding any garnish and I told her the story. She gave idea that Tutti Frutti garnish would have made the dish more colorful than pista and hence the inspiration for this post.

I had made Tutti Frutti before but they were made with artificial colors. Of late I am trying to avoid all kind of processed food, colors and sweeteners.  This time I decided to make some Tutti Frutti with natural colors. Do you know Tutti Frutti is actually candied papaya. Here is a simple post on making homemade Tutti Frutti.


Homemade Tutti Frutti with natural colors


Tutti Frutti
Homemade Tutti Frutti
Prep Time
20 mins
Cook Time
20 mins
Total Time
40 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
  • 1 Nos Papaya Raw, medium sized
  • 1/2 Cup Sugar
  • 1 Tbsp Turmeric
  • 1/2 Tsp Salked/Pickled Lime
  1. Choose a raw papaya which is not ripe. If you see mine, it started showing a yellow line, which shows signs of ripping. Choose one which is real raw. Cut the edges of papaya and peel papaya. Peeling papaya would be very hard at the edges. Therefore cut the edges with knife and start somewhere in the middle so that you can peel it comfortably. Raw papaya would start leaving milk in the hands. If you are sensitive to this, wear a glove. Peel papaya fully.

  2. Slit papaya and take out any seeds. Also remove the central portion that has fiber. You can use peeler to peel the central portion also. Dice the peeled papaya into tiny bits.

    Tutti Frutti
  3. Add enough water to immerse papaya and bring to boil for about 10 minutes. The papaya should be completely cooked. You should be able to mash it with your fingers. Drain remaining water and cool completely.

  4. Take the sugar in a kadai and add enough water to immerse sugar. Make sugar syrup with 2 string consistency. Two string consistency means that you should be able to roll a ball with syrup.

  5. In parallel keep the color solution ready. To prepare color, take 1/2 Tbsp turmeric and add a spoon of water. To this water add half of sugar syrup. This would give yellow colored base.

  6. In another bowl, add 1/2 Tbsp turmeric with slaked lime. Add a bit of water and mix completely. You can see the solution becoming red. To this add rest of the sugar syrup and mix well. This gives you red colored base.

  7. To each of the colored base, add the cooked papaya bits and ensure that they are well soaked.  Let the papaya bits rest atleast for 8 hours.

  8. Post soaking, the papaya bit would have gained color and sugar fully. Now drain them separately and wash them under running water. The soaked bits absorbs color as well as flavor. The flavor would interfere with the dish. Ofcourse we do not want our sweet to smell and taste turmeric right. Hence run the papaya bits under water keeping them in a colander. I used tea strainer to run papaya bits under water. Rest the bits to drain water. Do this step in two batches for yellow and red separately.

  9. Now you can sundry the bits to get candied papaya or Tutti Frutti. For me it started raining and hence I microwaved them separately for 3 minutes. Your own custom made Tutti Frutti in yellow and red color are ready

Recipe Notes


Like turmeric, you can use puree of palak to get green color. I had actually stocked palak for green Tutti Frutti. But when I peeled papaya, I found it with red lining, hence dropped green ones as it would anyway not turn good. If your papaya is real raw one, you can do the same process with palak puree also. To make palak puree, cook palak with a spoon of water. Once leaves wilt (no need to cook fully), switch off fire and grind into fine paste. Follow the same process to get green bits too.


Here is an important cutter that I used to cube papaya. I will write a separate post on this mighty kitchen tool.


Prestige Veggie Cutter


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