Banana Flower Preparation-Cleaning Banana Flower

Cleaning Banana FlowerHere is another basic post on cleaning banana flower. Banana flower is a widely consumed in Tamilnadu. It is one of the few foods that can give Thuvarppu taste to the food. Banana Blossom is one of the few food that can cure a type of gastric problem known as “Abana Vayu” as stated in a book written by Sri la Sri Guruji. It has highest amount of soluable fiber and prevents heart problem.

Banana flower regarded as a super food for women for its ability clean the reproductive organ of women, preventing mensural cramps and PCOD. I never used to cook this flower because no one consumes at home. Also one flower is too much for my family. Having read about its medicinal properties, it nowadays finds place in my cooking atleast once a fortnight.

Cleaning banana flower takes time. I usually do it in the night while watching TV and store it in the fridge for next day. Here is a step by step post on cleaning Vazhaipoo.

Cleaning Banana flower/Cleaning Vazhaipoo

Step by step pictures

*Open the petal of the banana blossom and take out the flower part which is in the form of bunch. The outer cover is not edible and we normally use it as a cup to hold eatable much like banana leaf. Have a vessel with water with a spoon of buttermilk mixed ready. The banana blossom tends to oxidize quickly and you have to add them to the butter milk mixed water to prevent oxidation.Cleaning Banana Flower

*Each bunch has two rows of flowers. In each of those flower, there is a stem with round head and a small transparent enclosure (refer the picture below) which needs to be removed. This is the most time consuming part. These two part are not hard on digestive system and has to be removed.Cleaning Banana Flower

*Peel the petals one by one and take out the bunch. After removing say 20-30 such bunches, there will a time where petals tend to break off and you will not able to remove them as a whole. This stage means that both the blossom and its bunches are tender. From here on, the round head cannot be removed and you can use the bunch as it is. No need to take out the round head and the enclosure. You can actually use the whole flower from here on. If you are finicky like me, keep removing the petals and collect only the bunches.Cleaning Banana Flower

*Keep removing petals until you get a tiny one as shown below. This one is the treasure hidden in the blossom. This tiny portion is very crispy, sweet and tasty. My mother gives this to me for eating raw. After removing the round head and the enclosure, cut them into pieces as desired and use.Cleaning Banana Flower

*Always keep the flower in buttermilk mixed water. This water collects excess “Thuvarpu”. Just before using the cut pieces, you need to do the below

  • Squeeze the water from the blossom.
  • Keep another vessel with water mixed with buttermilk. Add the squeezed portion to the second vessel. Soak for few minutes so that excess “Thuvarpu” can further dissolve.
  • Squeeze again and use it in your preparation.


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Though the post and the description might sound longer but is actually not so. Do use banana blossom for good health. Do let me know your feedback by commenting below. You can also give me feedback in any of the social media buttons below.


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