Aval Puttu-Jaggary poha puttu-Instant Puttu

Aval puttuAval puttu is one of the simplest puttu you can make in jiffy with easily available ingredients. At our families, we make rice puttu for navaratri and for Aadi velli as neivadyam to god. Aval puttu is not a normal offering to god, as aval is already cooked. The exception is krishna jayanthi.

Unlike that rice puttu which is skillful item to prepare, Aval puttu is very simple and can be made in no time. For health sake, I made it with red aval. However I recommend you to make it with normal thick Aval. Aval has two major type, thick variety and flaky thin variety. Thick variety of aval is only suitabe for cooking. Though I had used red aval, the procedure I had explained is for normal aval only. Do try this recipe and let me know your feedback.


Aval puttu
Aval puttu
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
20 mins
Course: Neivedyam, Snacks
Cuisine: Krishna Jayanthi, South Indian
Servings: 4 people
  • 1 Cup Aval/Poha
  • 1/2 Cup Jaggary/Vellam
  • 1 Pinch Salt
  • 4 Nos Cardamom/Elachi
  • 5 Tbsp Grated fresh coconut
  • 1 Tsp Ghee optional
  • 4 Nos Cashewew optional
  1. In a mix along with Salt and cardamon beat aval into coarse powder. Pulsing is enough. Do not make into fine powder. Coarse half beaten texture as shown in picture below is good enough,

  2. Heat water a stove and add bubbly hot water using a table spoon in to the coarse aval powder. Mix the water using a fork. You can add up to 5 tablespoon of boiling water for the quantity given above. Water should be just enough for the aval to absorb. Add water little by little and whisk with a fork checking consistency. Stop adding water when you texture of aval becomes watery, Rest the mixture for 10 ,minutes. Keep covered.

  3. In a kadai, add jaggery with water. Make a jaggery syrup in rolling ball consistency. To make this, allow the jaggery to dissolve in water and become a paste. To checking rolling ball consistency, keep a small dish with water nearby. Add a pinch of jaggery syrup into the water. The syrup should not dissolve and should form a ball as shown in the picture below. You should be able to roll into into a ball in your fingers. This consistency is important. 

  4. Add the syrup the the rested aval along with grated coconut and mix well. Initially the mix would look like being soggy. Rest for another 10 minutes. The grains would separate once aval absorbs the sweetness.

  5. Heat kadai and fry cashews to golden brown and top it in the aval puttu.

Recipe Notes

*Amount of water to add and resting time depends on quality of Aval. If aval is old, it tends to remain crisp instead of becoming soft. 


*Before adding jaggery syrup, aval should be soft. If not steam it in idli pot for 10 minutes keeping the aval mixture covered. I used red aval which takes time to rest. Hence I steamed it for 10 minutes. To steam, just keep the mixture covered in a vessel. Steam it like how we steam idli.   


*Jaggery syrup consistency is very important. Ensure rolling ball before adding to puttu. 


Aval Puttu – Step by Step instructions


*Coarse grind aval along with salt and cardamom. Aval puttu

*Sprinkle hot water and rest aval till it becomes soft. In a kadai, keep jaggery and allow it to melt.Aval puttu

*Make a rolling ball consistency jaggery syrup. Check the same by rolling them between fingers.Aval puttu

*Add the syrup along with coconut to the aval and mix well. Rest for 10 minutes for aval to absorb sweetness.Aval puttu

*Top it with fried cashews and serve.


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