Aval Payasam-Rice Flakes Kheer-Kerala style

Aval Payasam Rice flakes KheerAval payasam/Rice Flakes kheer is a simple and versatile dish made in our house. Gurubvayur krishnan temple renders this as prasadam and can even ask for GI for their Payasam. Kheer is one of the most often made sweet in our households, either as a mark of any festival and on any special occasion. Indian functions are often in-complete without Kheer/Payasam.

Aval is a processed form of rice. Do you recollect the famous story of Krishna and Sudhama? The story serves as evidence of matured food processing capabilities of Indian sub-continent. Aval’s processed nature makes it a versatile base for many types of cooking. Now there are ready to eat, indigenous snacks/tiffin items made out of Aval.

Payasam is a very popular sweet across India. Payasam is made from variety of items like vermicelli, Sago, Ada, rice and sometimes using rava. Pal Payasam from Guruvayur Sri Krishnan temple and Trivandrum Sri Padmanaba swamy temple are world-famous.

Our house owner is a Keralite and she thought this receipe to me. She once made it for Krishna Jayanthi. I once  visited their house to greet them for Krishna Jayanthi. At the time she was serving this for her grandchildren and I too happily had a glass of payasam. I then learnt this recipe from her.

There are many variants of Aval payasam in many parts of India and this method is one of the authentic, yet simple method making payasam from rice flakes from God’s own country.

Kerala Style Aval Payasam (Rice Flakes Kheer)

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Sweets/Dessert

Prep time: 5 Mins | Cooking time: 35 Mins | Serves: 4


Thick Aval / Poha / Rice Flakes – 2 Tbsp

Milk – 1 Litre

Sugar – 4 Tbsp

Ghee – 1 Tsp


  1. Take a pressure cooker that can hold at least 3 times the milk you are adding. I used my 3 liters Aluminum pressure cooker in the picture below.Aval Payasam Rice flakes Kheer
  2. Place the pressure cooker on the stove in medium or low flame and add 1 Tsp of Ghee. When ghee melts, add the Aval. Fry the Aval till it turns golden brown color. Be sure that it is not burnt.Aval Payasam Rice flakes Kheer
  3. In the same cooker, quickly add milk and bring milk to boil.
  4. Close the cooker and place the whistle. Simmer flame to the lowest and cook for 30 minutes.Aval Payasam Rice flakes Kheer
  5. Once pressure reduces, open and add the sugar. Mix sugar with a ladle. Sugar will dissolve in the heat of milk itself.
  6. Serve the payasam hot or cold according to your choice.

Do try and let me know your comments and feedback.

Tips and Notes:

  1. Aval has two types, thick variety and flaky variety. Thick variety renders for cooking well. Flaky variety tends to dissolve completely. For this recipe use thick aval.
  2. Aval gets burnt easily. So be quick in adding milk once Aval turns golden in color. Keep milk handy.
  3. Throughout the preparation keep flame to the lowest to prevent the milk from spilling.
  4. Use a vessel that is atleast 3 times the milk content to prevent spilling.
  5. Time of 30 minutes is for milk of 3.5% fat. Adjust the time based on the Fat content of the milk.
  6. In this payasam, quantity of milk will not reduce significantly, but it changes color to light pink as a result of cooking.
  7. The payasam itself will smell divine and hence no need to add any condiments such as Cardamon(Elaichi), Saffron.

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