Almond Banana Smoothie made with Almond Milk

Almond Banana SmoothieHere is a simple recipe of Almond Banana Smoothie made with Almond milk. Post my health disaster few years back, my doctor advised me to stop of “All white products” namely White rice, Refined flour, Sea salt, White sugar and Milk. I stopped/minimized all but giving up milk is still a big challenge for me. Filter coffee from Tanjore region is addictive.

However I constantly try to substitute milk with nut milk. Among the others that I tried, Almond, cashew and coconut provide near milk substitute. Being a vegan alternative they are nutty, milky, creamy and tasty. The difference between Almond milk and cow’s milk is almost nil, excepting the nutty flavor from the milk. Here is a simple recipe of Banana Almond Smoothie with Almond milk.

Almond Banana Smoothie
Almond Banana Smoothie
Servings: 2 Glasses
  • 20 Nos Almond
  • 2 Nos Banana Small
  • 1/2 Cup Water boiling
  • 1 Cup Chilled water
  1. Soak Almond in water overnight so that Almond becomes soft. Drain water from Almond and keep aside. Add hot boiling water to the drain almond. Boiling water helps to loosen almond skin faster. Peel almond and set aside.

  2. Peel banana and add to the peeled almond. Blend in a mixer until smooth. Dilute with chilled water.

  3. Sweetness from banana itself suffice for the drink. If needed add any sweetener. 

Recipe Notes

Here are some items used to make Almond Smoothie

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Almond Banana Smoothie Step by Step Instructions

  1. Soak almonds overnight in water so that almonds become soft.
  2. Drain Almonds and keep aside. Boil water and carefully pour it on drained almond. Boiled water loosens skin of almond, so that skin can be peeled easily.Almond Banana Smoothie
  3. Transfer the de-skinned almond along with banana to a mixer and blend to a smooth paste.Almond Banana Smoothie
  4. Banana itself provides sweet taste to the dish and hence no need to add any sweetner.
  5. Enjoy your vegan smoothie.

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