7 things to know about Prestige Clipon pressure cooker

Prestige Clipon Pressure cookerPrestige is a leading brand of pressure cooker in India and it has introduced innovative product called Prestige Clipon pressure cooker. In this post I review the product from the aspects of its utility, aesthetics and value for money.

Prestige Clipon pressure cooker employs modern technology which converts cookware into pressure cooker and vice versa. Prestige positions this  as cook and serve range, the cooker itself comes in three interesting range like Kadai, Sauce pan and Handi.  Base material for this range comes in both stainless steel and hard Anodized Aluminum material.

Invariably Indian dishes have many elements of cooking like sautéing, pan-frying, deep-frying, steaming, pressure cooking etc and even simple dish like making moong dal fry uses frying and pressure cooking. In traditional cooking, we use atleast 2 type of vessels to cook the dish and one another to serve. Clip on range solves the whole problem of multiple vessel usage.

In the post below, I am detailing both the Pros and Cons of the product in this review. Hope this post would help in your decision making.

Analysis of Prestige Clipon Pressure cooker

1.The magic is in the Lid – Clip on feature of the lid

The lid of the pressure cooker has all the required mechanism to seal the pressure, allowing pressure to be contained in the vessel. The pressure cooker lid can be used in variety of products such as Kadai, Handi or casserole model. This means that you can convert any of the products above from this range into a pressure cooker. I like converting Kadai to cooker. Actually it saves lot of time and no need for any additional vessel for frying. Similarly Handi model is useful for making one pot meal like Briyani or Fried rice.

2. Easy to lock lid

Unlike traditional cooker where you need to align the lid with the vessel, Clip-on lid can be locked in any direction. Additionally, prestige clip on range has clean rims with no lugs. The lugs in traditional pressure cooker were used to seal pressure. But in this model, the lid has mechanism to hold grip and seal food tightly.

3. Heavy bottomed pan

The pressure cooker comes with heavy bottomed base. The gauge of the material is quite high making heat distribution and retention much easier. Additionally the base is suitable for both gas as well as induction cooking. Having heavy bottom means that you can add oil and temper the items without burning food. It is simple to  fry basic things like Onion and Tomato, finally add the main ingredient like Dal or rice and close the lid. Heavy bottom protects the food from getting burnt and retains heat as well.

4. Elegant glass lid with Ladle holder

From the perspective of aesthetics, the cooker looks very good with slim easy to use handles as opposed to lengthy handles in traditional ones. After cooking the lid can be replaced with elegant glass lid and the cooker itself becomes a serving vessel. Glass lid comes with a ladle holder which can secure the ladle. No mess in the dinning table. Helps to seal the heat of the dish till the time of serving.

5. Safety system

Clip on range has all the safety measures found in modern pressure cookers like whistle, pressure indicator, gasket release system and safety valve. It has heat resistant handles on both side of the base making it easy to handle the dish.


6. Lid is heavy

Lid of the clip-on range is heavier than the conventional range as it hosts the entire pressure seal mechanism. To begin with it is difficult, but you will adjust to it in the course of time. Given that lid can be locked in any direction, it is not a major problem.

7. Whistle sound is very low

Unlike traditional cooker, this range does not blow whistle for long. Also sound of the whistle is different. Also given the heavy bottom, the food cooks faster. You should therefore reduce the number of whistles that your dish would otherwise require. Since the sound of whistle is new, you might have to a bit more attentive to being with. Again it is matter of getting accustomed to the low sound.

Recommendation: I recommend Prestige Clipon pressure cooker product as it is a useful one for those who want to maintain slim kitchen and less number of utensils for cleaning. Be it Stainless steel or Anodized  material, both are layered well and hence spread of heat is not a problem anymore. The product comes in two sizes namely 3L and 5L and in three shapes Kadai, Sauce pan and Handi. Clipon range is priced slightly above the normal pressure cooker range however considering that the lid is interchangeable between Kadai, Sauce pan and Handi, making it cost effective in reality.

The product comes from a leading brand and has a warranty of 5 years. Amazon gives the product as good price. Do buy and enjoy mess free kitchen.

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